Hi, I'm Connie.

Welcome to my slice of the internet!

I am more serious about FUN than a bouncy castle and McDonald's ball pit combined.

 I am a designer | content creator who in recent years has mainly specialized in prop styling and still life photography. I did go to art school. I started my educational journey at Parson's The New School For Design and finished in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, majoring in Communication Design. <------ That's just a fancy word for graphic design, not to mention a whole lot of the word design packed into one sentence!

I am a big believer of forging a career out of doing what I love. I am blown away everyday that this sentiment is starting to become a reality for myself and my practice. This is by no means an acceptance speech, but I'd like to thank my passion, crazy brain, hard work and attention to detail for that. As a designer and creative, I am determined to open new doors for myself to achieve personal and professional growth in my career, and of course new challenges. Envelopes are meant to be pushed and comfort zones to be abandoned, wouldn't you agree?

FUN facts about me:

My given name is one of my best kept secrets (shhh!) If you ask nicely I might tell you. Maybe one day I'll learn to embrace my masculine name, they're super trendy right now. Hint, hint.

If I could create and name my own ice cream flavour it would be named Jawbreaker. Paying homage to the throwback 90s movie, of course! I'm thinking a tart lemon gelato infused with pop rocks, nerds, mini jawbreakers and classic rainbow jimmies. And to finish it off I'll toss a distant childhood memory of eating sour lifesavers wrapped in a wonderful neon package to the secret formula as well. Sans packaging. Am I the only one who remembers a brief encounter with these nostalgic gems?

I am a bit of a crazy cat lady in training. I have so much love for my furry felines. My Sphinx x Ragdoll named Minkas is not only by BFF but my unofficial prop manager and set designer.